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[DONE] Can I reload a playlist ?
While I can rename a playlist in the playlist window and save it, I haven\'t found a way to reload it. Is it missing ?

[Edited on 24-4-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Yes, just use the \"Playlists\" plugin in the player\'s view menu. There you can choose your saved playlist again or delete it. This plugin supports import/export from/to a playlist file, too.
Ok got it. I can save my playlist. However, this plugin seems to be very buggy. If I load a saved list, the songs don\'t appear in the playlist window. Nor does the loaded PL appear in the list of recorded PL, in the first tab. Not sure how to use this thing.

Btw what does \"relative path\" does in the save box ?
There\'s a tabbed playlist view. The left tab is for storing/reloading internal playlists to/from the database. The right tab is for saving/loading a playlist to a playlist FILE. If you select relative paths there, the playlist file is only valid from the directory it was created in. If the path is absolute the playlist file is only valid on this device.

I just tried out and the playlist save/load functionality works as it should.

See the attached images

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Ok I am trying to understand how this thing works since I never seen anything like that and there is no documentation. You are running two playlist systems. One internal containing a list of playlists (also written to a FILE since it is reloaded on startup) and an external one which is basically an export/import function. If I use \"files\" to import a playlist, it add the songs list to the current playlist but does not give it it\'s name. I then have to use the save/save as (right clic) function, after I rename it, to get it inside your internal database. Ok I can live with that.

As for the relative path I still don\'t understand it but may be I am stupid. :lol:


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