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[DONE] Default Style
Please add an option for Sayonara to use the active Qt style/theme instead of its own skin! In this way, it would look native, especially under Linux Qt-based DE\'s (KDE and LXQT).

That said, Sayonara is a very nice Qt audio player Smile The only thing that prevents me from replacing Audacious with it is its fixed skin.

[Edited on 17-2-2016 by Lucio Carreras]
Hi. There is an option to use the native skin. The last entry in the view menu. Turn dark off
Wow, I missed it! Thanks, and sorry for the wrong request!
Sayonara Audacious -- hello Sayonara!
Hehe, perfect. I am not totally happy yet with the look of the native skin. It will become prettier in the future, I promise Smile
I didn\'t mean that the skin wasn\'t good. I like dark themes and it\'s elegant enough, IMO. It just didn\'t look native. This is Sayonara with my global Qt theme:
I improved the looking of the native style. I hope, that your style is only affected positively
Thanks! It\'s more neutral toward other themes now.
As I said, it was OK before too; I just liked all apps to look native and achieved that with your tip.

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