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Mouse wheel on tray icon inversion
Not sure if intentionally or not, but mouse wheel seems to be inverted when used over Sayonara tray icon. Wheel up leads to volume down and vice versa (looks as Sayonara is a plane simulator). This behavior differs from the system volume applet.
No it doesn\'t, maybe we have a different interpretation of mouse up. Mouse up will also lead to scroll to top of a text or browser window. And same happens to volume
Our definitions of \'Mouse up\' are the same. But that mouse up causes lower volume on Ubuntu. Not a major issue anyway. Let\'s wait for other Ubuntu users on this forum...
The issue is still here in sayonara-0.4.0-r695-x86_64.deb with Ubuntu 13.04. I wonder how I can find the exact component with a bug.
You mean source code?
No, I mean is there a way to find which which visual component is responsible for the issue. I don\'t know how it works internally, but it may be:
- Qt library component for notification tray bug.
- Unity notification area component bug.
- ...

Any proofs should greatly help this bug to be fixed by corresponding developer.

Thank you for the new version of the player. I\'m glad the project is alive and under improvements.
You are welcome Smile

The strange thing is, that in my virtual Unity versions it works. But apparently only sayonara player makes trouble on your system. I will find a solution
Thank you very much!

It\'s strange to hear it works on your Unity correctly. I have no ideas unless you have 32bit Unity (may be it is a bug in 64bit version only?).
I reformatted my system drive and installed Ubuntu 13.04 on May, 2013. So, I have the issue on at least two different installs of Ubuntu (12.10 and 13.04, both 64bit).
The only notification icon I can compare Sayonara with is the Unity standard volume applet. But I suspect the applet is tightly integrated with Unity and it may use another way to catch mouse scroll events. I found no other applications with notification tray icons, which respond to mouse scroll events. So, it may be a common issue for all Qt applications, or for all generic applications (which are not Unity notification applets).

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