Install and run GuitarPro 6 on Linux 64 Bit

When GuitarPro 6 came out the Linux community had the possibility to use one of the best guitar learning software on their favorite operating system. As soon as I found out that there will be a Linux version it was completely clear that I need this software. When Guitar Pro 6 came out it was absolutely no problem to install the Debian package and Guitar Pro ran out of the box.

Since Ubuntu 16.04 some libraries have changed too much and are not compatible anymore or they completely vanished from the repositories. With Ubuntu 18.04 there were even more missing libraries and I things won't get better with Ubuntu 20.04. Other distributions like Suse, Fedora or Arch Linux will (some of them earlier, some of them later) face the same issues.

So it's neccessary to modify the Debian package a little bit and add some missing libraries to the package itself in order to get things run again.

This entire process will last only about 5 minutes

Extract Package

Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

First of all, we need the dpkg package.
sudo apt-get install dpkg
Extract the debian package into a directory
dpkg -x GuitarPro6.deb gp6

Non-Debian Distributions

Extract the debian package into a directory
mkdir gp6 && cd gp6
ar x ../GuitarPro6.deb
tar xzf data.tar.gz
rm -f control.tar.gz data.tar.gz debian-binary
cd ..


Then we need some libraries and a control file and place it in the directory structure.
tar xzf guitarpro-libs.tar.gz
cp guitarpro-libs/lib/* gp6/opt/GuitarPro6/


Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint

#Copy Debian control file
mkdir gp6/DEBIAN
cp -r guitarpro-libs/DEBIAN gp6

# re-package the entire directory again
dpkg -b gp6 GuitarPro6_modified.deb

# check if dependencies are satisfied
dpkg -i --dry-run GuitarPro6_modified.deb
If everything looks ok, install it.
sudo dpkg -i GuitarPro6_modified.deb

Non-Debian Distributions

Copy everything to the target directory
# Mind the slashes!
sudo cp -r gp6/opt/* /opt/
sudo cp -r gp6/usr/* /usr/
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