Sayonara 1.6.0-beta7 available.

Just have a look at the Downloads page. Last update on December, 28 2020

Help wanted!

Become part of Sayonara Player by providing your ideas, merge requests and bug fixes.
Sayonara has grown and more developers are needed urgently. Enhance your C++, Qt and/or QML skills and participate. Just use the forum or write an email.

You are searching for a programming hobby? No own ideas? No problem! There are many interesting and outstanding tasks waiting for you. There are topics for everyone's taste :)

You want to help translating and/or add a new language? Go to Sayonara's Transifex Site and join the team. You have ideas regarding the design of the player or its website? I am always looking for translators, designers and web designers, too. Every help is very appreciated.


Sayonara is a small, clear and fast audio player for Linux written in C++, supported by the Qt framework. It uses GStreamer as audio backend. Sayonara is open source and uses the GPLv3 license. One of Sayonara's goals is intuitive and easy usablility. Currently, it is only available for Linux and BSD.

Although Sayonara can be considered as a lightweight player, it holds a lot of features in order to organize even big music collections.
Managing your library
You can manage your library by artists, albums, genres or file paths. Sayonara contains a sophisticated tag editor helping you to keep your collection clean. You can hold multiple playlists simultaneously, save/rename/delete or export them to common playlist file formats. With the multi library feature you can manage multiple directories as stand-alone libraries and copy and move tracks from one to another.
There are even more complex library plugins like Soundcloud or SomaFM support.
Directory view
Some people don't have a perfect tagged library and are more interested in the directory structure of their libraries. Sayonara provides various features to access and edit your music in the directory view.
In addition, there are some useful plugins helping to enhance your comfort while listening. Some interisting plugins are the equalizer, a speed/pitch control, a crossfader, bookmarks for tracks and a broadcasting function.
Webstreams and Podcasts
You can record all tracks streamed from the internet. Your saved tracks automatically tagged, of course. When listening to ordinary webstreams, a history of all played tracks can be displayed. If webstreams or podcasts contain some chapter information, Sayonara also uses this information in order to provide fast jumping within these tracks.
In contrast to the heavyweight players, the main focus of Sayonara is performance, low CPU usage and low memory consumption.

So Sayonara is a great alternative to players like Rhythmbox, Clementine or Amarok. Those who miss Winamp for Linux should give Sayonara a try. However, every user has special requirements and own habits, so it's always a matter of taste.

Thank you

To all those people who Without you Sayonara never would have come this far and without you no one would be aware of Sayonara. You do a great job! Thank you!

Bug reports and feature requests

For bug reports or feature requests please use the Forum.


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