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Main features

  • Damn fast! If not, create a ticket at Image without description Gitlab.
  • Many supported music and playlist formats
  • Media library with fast search function
  • Create multiple libraries. Group different directories in libraries and move or copy tracks from one to another
  • Show albums in a table or cover view
  • Directory view
  • Genre organization
  • Playlist view organized by tabs
  • Dynamic playback. Add similar tracks automatically to playlists
  • Smart Playlists (Playlist generator). Generate playlists by rating, date, year, random tracks or random albums
  • History function


  • Internet streams and Podcasts
  • Radio station searcher
  • Last.FM scrobbling
  • Soundcloud support
  • Soma.fm support
  • Stream recorder
  • Radio Broadcasting

Cover art

  • Fetch covers from tags, your music library or internet
  • Write covers directly into tags


  • Tag Editor
  • Create tags from file paths

More plugins

  • Customizable spectrum analyzer, level meter or spectogram
  • Equalizer
  • Crossfader
  • Speed and pitch control
  • FLAC/WAV to mp3/ogg.vorbis/ogg.opus Converter
  • Bookmarking positions in tracks

More functions

  • Lyrics
  • Shutdown function
  • Remote controllable

Look and feel

  • Multimedia Keys
  • Desktop integration (DBus Mpris2 compatible)
  • Edit skins with CSS
  • 2 skins