Smart Playlists

Basic info

Smart playlists (also referred as Playlist Generator) is a plugin which allows you to create playlists automatically based on predefined attributes.

You currently (v1.8.0) can create playlists by:

  • Creation date
  • Last listened
  • Random albums
  • Random tracks
  • Rating
  • Year

It's higly likely that more attributes will be added in future.


You find smart playlists in the Plugins view in the menu bar. In some languages (e.g. German) it is also referred as Playlist generator.


By choosing the plugin and pushing the button and New you will be guided into a config dialog which let you choose your desired attribute.


E.g. for the Year attribute you can simply enter two years and will receive all tracks from that time span later.


Another example is the age of tracks (relative creation date). This feature is handy if you want to listen to all your music you imported in a specific time span. (e.g. between now and 1 year ago).


By clicking into a text field another dialog appears which will allow you to specify the time span. Setting everything to zero means today.


If you want your playlist to be in a random order, toggle the Randomize playlist checkbox. A randomized playlists is later marked with a die symbol in the list.

Press OK and your playlist generator is configured. You can now choose your generator in the plugin box and your playlist will be generated.