Changelog: Michael Lugmair


  • Application: Use XDG paths
  • Covers: Improved cover fetcher
  • Covers: Added new cover sources
  • Directory View: Merging directories possible now
  • Lyrics: Updated lyric fetcher
  • Lyrics: Fix UTF-8 issues
  • Playlist: Playlist segmentation fault at startup
  • Playlist: Covers in playlist
  • Playlist: Highlighting current track
  • Playlist: Fix custom style
  • Playlist: Fix track order
  • UI: UI improvements
  • UI: Remove custom font chooser
  • Fix: A lot of undiscovered (or at least not reported bugs)


  • Lyrics: Fix UTF-8 issues
  • Playlist: Fix playlist import track order
  • Playlsit: Improved async loading of tracks Read more…


  • Stream recorder: fixed segfault when recording is started
  • Stream recorder: fixed naming of playlist
  • SomaFM: fixed naming of playlist items Read more…